Saturday, 15 January 2011

Before you travel to Mykonos!

- Read up on Mykonos and learn a few words of Greek - Greeks like it when you try speaking their language, it shows respect towards their culture.

- Remove all excess packaging  - waste disposal is a problem on the Greek islands. Where most rubbish have to be burned polluting the environment. Keep plastic and waste away from the beaches.

- Ask your hotel for specific tips for responsible travel in Mykonos.

- Ask your hotel whether there are local conservation or social projects that you could visit on your trip, and if/how you could help support them while on holiday

- Buy local produce in preference to imported goods.

- Hire a local guide - you'll discover more about Mykonian culture and lives, and they will earn an income. Guides are available for your trip to ancient Delos.

- Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods or ancient artefacts

- Respect local Mykonian culture, traditions and holy places - if in doubt ask advice or don't visit

- Use public transport like buses, hire a bike or walk when convenient - its a great way to meet local people on their terms and reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

- Use water sparingly - its very precious in the Greek islands and tourists tend to use far more than local people.

- Remember that Mykonians have different ways of thinking and concepts of time, this just makes them different not wrong - cultivate the habit of asking questions (rather than the Western habit of knowing the answers).

- Write to your hotel with any comments or feedback about your holiday, and especially include any suggestions on reducing environmental impacts and increasing benefits to the local community.

- Why not donate to a local project in the area you’ve visited?
Above all enjoy and experience the Greek hospitality, gastronomy and unique nature.

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