Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Introducing our new partner ‘ Astarte Suites, Santorini’

Let us introduce you to our latest addition!

Astarte Suites in Santorini island is a luxurious 9-suite complex. Each suite has its own personal style. It has been built in one of the island's most beautiful areas, Akrotiri, with views over the Aegean sea and Santorini’s Volcano.  In our opinion, it is one of the most breathtaking leading boutique hotels in Greece.

All reviews online about the hotel are glowing with positive comments about the staff and the Moschotis family that runs Astarte.
We had the pleasure of receiving an email from George Moschotis who is the general manager at Astarte suites asking us to become our partner.

Needless, to say that when we saw the hotel we were taken aback by it’s beauty and the excellent service, friendly staff and hospitality offered at this place.

Straight away we thought that this hotel is a must have on our list of partners since it adds value to your stay on the island and makes for an unforgettable holiday.

We conducted a short interview with George Moschotis, general manager at the hotel and here is what he had to say:

Hello George and thank you for taking out some time to introduce us to your hotel.

     We are quite intrigued to find out, a bit more about the history of Astarte Suites. Would you give us a brief introduction to the history of the hotel?

Astarte Suites Boutique Hotel started its operation in 2005 in Santorini island, Greece. Even though it comprises only nine suites, it took six years to complete the project. The main reason was the location of the property.  Built in one of the islands most beautiful areas, Astarte Suites Boutique Hotel is set on a dramatic cliff, which made the use of heavy machinery impossible. Everything was made by hand, giving us the opportunity to focus in every detail of the construction. 

Santorini island is considered to be among the Top 10 Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations worldwide. Therefore, this family run business was named after goddess Astarte (Aphrodite) known throughout the Eastern Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to Classical times and connected with fertility and sexuality.

Even though the hotel operates for just five years, it has been featured as suggested place to stay in Financial Times, NY Times and Conde Nast Traveler, while on 2007 becomes member of Boutique Hotels & Resorts International. Every year the hotel welcomes its guests from all over the world. From politicians, domestic and international artists, famous athletes to honeymooners or people who just want to enjoy a high end romantic getaway. Moschotis family guarantees an unforgettable experience and million dollar views of the mythical Caldera.

 What is that makes Astarte different to all other hotels in the area?
Astarte Suites hotel is built far away of the touristic buzz, which makes us able to offer something that other hotels strive to offer. Privacy. You may find many good boutique hotels in Santorini but the main problem is that they are built one on top of the other. Imagine enjoying an outdoor Jacuzzi with your significant other and having hordes of tourists taking pictures just above your head, or the guest next door passing by your balcony, in order to get to his room.
Astarte Suites is amphitheatrically built, so no indiscreet eyes around you. Furthermore, being a family run business, it offers something that major hotel chains can not. A home away from home. We invest time to all of our guests, in order to fully understand their needs and help them plan their entire stay.
Everyone knows how difficult is to go to a foreign country and not to feel insecure. Our guests never have this problem and their reviews all over the internet are the solid evidence. 

 What was the idea behind decorating each suite in it’s own personal style? Which one is your favourite suite and why?
Santorini island has been influenced by several different civilizations that passed through time such as the Minoan civilization. Therefore, the idea was to represent these civilizations decor wise. All the suites represent something different, and is truly difficult to distinguish one.

 What other services do you offer to your guests beside accommodation?
Guest Services offered include Champagne and fresh fruits upon arrival, transfer for guests' arrival and departure. Assistance on our guests' life on the island, travel and excursion arrangements, car rental service, twice maid service, private jewelry show, fax service, in house laundry and pressing, massage parlour, and wedding services. Especially the last years, Astarte Suite Wedding Planners have organized several weddings on the premises.

The hotel is located in Akrotiri with amazing views. Could you tell us what activities, beaches etc are nearby?

Astarte Suites is located just minutes away from fabulous sunset views at the Lighthouse of the island, an area which is still not very touristic offering romantic moments to couples.

Leisure and cultural options abound nearby, such as in Akrotiri, an ancient city buried and preserved by volcanic ash—known as the Pompeii of the Greek islands—and at Red Beach and White Beach, the ultimate locales for a spectacular day of fun in the sun.

Probably the most important sightseeing of Santorini, the Akrotiri excavations, is located minutes away from Astarte Suites, and the important fact is that it reopens in May 2011 after almost 5years being closed.

What is your greatest challenge running one of Greece’s leading boutique hotels?

 Quality of service should be one of the main concerns of any business of the tourism industry and Astarte Suites takes it under great consideration. Starting from the staff of the hotel, which is highly trained and selected very carefully in order to achieve a very personalized service. We employ one person per suite, a proportion adequate to a five star hotel. We understand that every guest has his own needs and wishes, so all of us must adapt to them. We are giving careful thought to the linkages between particular service encounters and others in the service chain.

 What was the most bizarre request you received from a guest and how did   you respond?
Astarte Suites hotel has guests from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds, and needs. Their requests vary, but we don’t mark them as bizarre, but as challenging to satisfy all sorts of needs. We don’t see problems, we offer solutions.

We are even more proud of our partnership with Astarte Hotels because it actively participates in our "gay friendly" Hotels programme offering unique services to the international LGBT community. 

For more information on how to book one of these breathtaking 9 suites, please visit: http://yoursantorini.com, sign in with facebook and receive your 20% discount code.

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