Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Athens is one of the most popular destinations in Greece to visit both for its historical meaning and cultural wealth but also for it's vivid nightlife and beautiful people.

However, since the olympic Games in 2004 it has been noted that Athens image as a tourism destination has been tarnished, with many visitors thinking that it is over-polluted, chaotic and a disappointment.

Members of the Greek association of travel professionals want this to change and are asking the new Major of Athens to take action to improve the image of such a vibrant and beautiful city.

Below is a number of practical suggestions they put forward:

- Make immediate and significant efforts to restore the cleanliness across the city of Athens
- Resolve the issue of stray animals and find a way to manage them and improve their lives
- Enhance the presence of the Municipal Police mostly downtown, especially in all tourist centers to increase sense of safety and tackle petty crime
- Offer the necessary care to drug addicts and deter them from gathering in groups in the city's squares
- Make Athens an area friendly and attractive to the foreign visitor, informing people on it's vivid cultural life and unique offerings
- Minimise the tables and chairs and other commercial activities that occupy pavements etc and restrict open spaces
- Give attention to detail and exercise policies and laws that are in place to improve everyone's life in the city just like during the Olympic Games.
- All staff should be courteous, friendly, with a smile and well presented in order to offer their help and excellent customer service to visitors and citizens alike.

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